1. General provisions

1.1. The website www.redriver.lt (hereinafter – the Website) is owned and administered by Rita Zaikauskienė, individual activity No: 780623 (registered office address: “Red River” Taikos ave. 141, Klaipeda) (hereinafter – REDRIVER.LT).

1.2. These Privacy Policy is a written document that sets out the privacy provisions (the “Privacy Policy”) that apply to all persons using the Website and the Services. Terms used in the Privacy Policy correspond to the terms defined in the Terms of Use of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) (use of the Website, Service, etc.) and their meaning, unless certain terms are defined separately in these Privacy Rules.

1.3. By using the Website and / or the Services in any way and form, the Visitor unconditionally and irrevocably undertakes to comply with all the requirements set out in these Privacy Rules. If the visitor does not agree to unconditionally and irrevocably assume and comply with all obligations set forth in these Privacy Rules, the visitor is not entitled to use the Website and / or Services.

1.4. REDRIVER.LT has the right to unilaterally change and (or) supplement these Privacy Rules at any time. Changes to the Privacy Policy will be effective upon posting on the Website. If the visitor continues to use the Website and / or the Services after the publication of the amendment and / or supplement to the Privacy Policy, it is considered that he / she unambiguously agrees with all amendments and / or additions to the Privacy Policy. If the visitor does not agree with the amended and / or supplemented Privacy Policy, he loses the right to use the Website and / or Services.

1.5. The collection, processing and storage of personal data is established by these Privacy Protection Rules, the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts.


  1. Data collected by REDRIVER.LT

2.1. Use or access to the Website and the Services is subject to the registration procedure on the Website. The registration procedure is performed by clicking the appropriate link on the Website, filling in all mandatory fields of the registration form (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, login password) and filling in optional fields at the visitor’s choice, thus submitting data about yourself REDRIVER.LT (hereinafter – Data) .

2.2. REDRIVER.LT has the right to use at its own discretion all data provided by the visitor, which the visitor submits during the registration procedure, as well as data on the visitor collected by REDRIVER.LT in other ways.

2.3. The data that is collected by the visitor during the registration procedure and / or using the Website and / or Services is divided into:

2.3.1. Anonymous data. REDRIVER.LT collects anonymous data related to facts that cannot be applied to an individual visitor. For example, REDRIVER.LT collects certain information each time a visitor visits the Website in order to improve the quality of browsing the Website. REDRIVER.LT collects the IP addresses and related data of all Visitors (for example, the Internet address of the last website the person visited before entering the REDRIVER.LT network portal) and types of browsers and operating systems (eg Firefox. OS Windows browser). REDRIVER.LT also collects general search expressions from various search engines focused on internal advertising. REDRIVER.LT collects this information from all visitors for the purposes of monitoring, improving and direct advertising of the Services. REDRIVER.LT also collects information about the visitor’s answers to the questions submitted on the Websites in order to find out the visitor’s opinion about the Services, as well as the advertising placed on the Websites. REDRIVER receives this information from all visitors, regardless of whether they are registered or not.

2.3.2. Personal data. This is data that can be used to identify a specific visitor. Within the meaning of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, these data are considered personal data. Such data is collected and processed only with the consent of the visitor, in the following ways: Registration: when a visitor registers on the Website, the visitor must provide the following data: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, login password). If you wish, the visitor can also provide the following information: personal identification code (if he wants to be invoiced), address of residence (if he wants the ordered goods to be delivered to his home). Correspondence and communication: if the visitor contacts REDRIVER.LT, REDRIVER.LT may save the records of such communication and other related information. REDRIVER.LT has the right to collect data about the visitor by logging in to the Website. This data shows which pages of the Website the visitor visits, at what time and how often they do so, what services they use. Also, this information includes the data that the visitor sends to the Site.

2.4. The data subject may contact the e-mail at any time. store REDRIVER.LT administration and to get acquainted with the collected data and to demand their correction, destruction or suspension of their personal data processing actions when the data is processed in violation of the provisions of the law.


  1. Recipients of the data

3.1. REDRIVER.LT manages, processes and uses the collected Anonymous data for self-advertising and other similar purposes. Anonymous data may be passed on to third parties and also made public.

3.2. REDRIVER.LT handles the collected Personal Data in strict compliance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Lithuania. REDRIVER.LT processes personal data only for the following purposes: to establish the identity and contact details of the person purchasing goods on the Website; create a login account in the forum on the Website; to establish the personal identity and contact details of persons who wish to submit complaints and suggestions to REDRIVER.LT using a special module installed on the Website; with the consent of the visitor – for direct marketing purposes. Personal information is not transferred to any third parties, unless it is mandatory to do so under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.3. The Website may contain active links (“hyperlinks”) to other websites. Some of these websites may collect personal information about the visitor, and advertising websites may use cookies and web beacons in their advertisements to collect information about the visitor. REDRIVER.LT The Privacy Policy and the provisions set forth therein do not cover the privacy policies applied by third parties or the provisions regarding the collection of information. REDRIVER.LT is not and cannot be held responsible for any actions of third parties collecting information about the visitor.

3.4. The data subject shall have the right to be informed of the recipients to whom his or her personal data have been supplied in the last one year.


  1. Use of Visitor Information

4.1. REDRIVER.LT has the right, at its own discretion, to use all the collected information about the visitor in full and in any way not prohibited by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. The following are examples of purposes for which REDRIVER.LT may use the information collected about a particular Visitor:

4.1.1. in order to edit the Content in the way that is most relevant to the visitor. In some cases, REDRIVER.LT needs to know the exact data about the visitor in order to offer specialized Services and targeted advertising;

4.1.2. REDRIVER.LT collects the anonymous data of the visitor and shares them with third parties (eg advertisers). For such persons, REDRIVER.LT discloses information about the number of visitors, the number of visitors who saw a certain advertisement and / or clicked on the relevant link on a particular Website, etc., as well as provide full demographic statistics of those visitors who noticed and clicked on the respective advertisement. customer reference. REDRIVER.LT may also disclose anonymous survey results. No personal information of the visitor is normally disclosed in this process;

4.1.3. REDRIVER.LT also uses general data for statistical analysis of general characteristics and visitor behavior in order to find out the needs related to certain parts of the Website and to analyze how and where to use the available resources most effectively. Without this data, REDRIVER.LT would not know which parts of the Website are the most popular and would not be able to properly change and edit the Content and the Services offered;

4.1.4. REDRIVER.LT may use the visitor’s personal information in order to contact the visitor and notify about the changed and updated Services, as well as about the visitor’s accounts or violations of the Rules. If the visitor participates in games or competitions organized on the Website, REDRIVER.LT may use the visitor’s information if the visitor wins and REDRIVER.LT should contact him;

4.1.5. REDRIVER.LT may send e-mails or letters by post, as well as short messages (SMS) to the visitor’s mobile phone number with information about the Services that, in REDRIVER.LT’s opinion, would be of interest to the visitor. The above information is sent only if the visitor has given his consent.


  1. Security measures

5.1. REDRIVER.LT uses software and other tools to protect the data of all visitors. Only authorized REDRIVER.LT employees and / or other REDRIVER.LT authorized persons can access the visitor’s data.

5.2. REDRIVER.LT asks the visitor to be careful when using and storing data, as the visitor is responsible for the confidentiality of all data. The visitor should log out of the browser after completing the work to make sure that no one will access the visitor’s e-mail, personal information, especially when the visitor uses a publicly available computer (eg Internet cafe, library). REDRIVER.LT also warns that the visitor must be careful and should not disclose his personal information (such as the visitor’s real name, personal code, e-mail address, bank account codes, etc.) to third parties when using the Website and / or Services. . Such information may be used and directed against the interests of the visitor, as well as for activities such as fraud, sending unsolicited e-mails, etc.

5.3. REDRIVER.LT undertakes to try to protect the visitor’s personal data, which is processed, but taking into account that the visitor’s information is sent via the Internet, REDRIVER.LT warns that it cannot guarantee and does not guarantee the security of any information transmitted by the visitor, including personal data.

5.4. REDRIVER.LT takes care of the protection of the rights of minors and restricts their access to certain Services intended only for adults. Therefore, certain parts of the Site may be intended for adults only. Minor visitors are strictly prohibited from entering such parts of the Site. The Visitor is also responsible not only for the conduct of himself / herself, but also for the behavior of his / her minor children or other dependents on the Website if they use the Website in the visitor’s environment, with his permission or using the visitor’s hardware.


  1. The software used on the website and its installation.

6.1. REDRIVER.LT may make available for installation software of its choice for use in certain Services. The Visitor understands and agrees that REDRIVER.LT may restrict the visitor’s ability to use certain Services in cases where certain software is not installed. Such software can be created by both REDRIVER.LT and third parties. The software can be created in such a way that it independently contacts REDRIVER.LT or third party hardware in order for the installed software to work, as well as for the visitor to have the opportunity to learn about updates and improvements to such software. The terms of use of such software are governed by a separate agreement, the text of which is available to the visitor when installing such software.